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First XV


The ‘dumpTackle First XV’ is an exclusive members club - with a difference. We are on the look out for some like-minded individuals to spread the dumpTackle word through their rugby connections, at uni, college, school and grassroots. Headed up by FIRST XV 'Captain' and Sherriff of Banter, David Jackson (Nottingham Rugby Pro Player), it's a great team to be a part of. Sound like something you might like? Then read on...

We have a strict membership criteria, so if you are selected, it will be something worth sharing.


Successful players will have access to a whole range of bonuses: 

- Exclusive discounts on all dT products

- Discounts for friends and family

- Not-for-sale exclusive FIRST XV hoody and t-shirt

- A new t-shirt every month 

- Participate in dumpTackle photoshoots

- Discount on club/uni playing kit

- Participate in dumpTackle photo shoots and at dumpTackle events

- Entered into a draw for International Match Tickets

Not bad, hey?


Think you might be up for it? This is the criteria we’re after:

- Must be a rugby player (that’s obvious)

- Must have played for atleast 3 years

- Preferably at Uni, college, school, involved at rugby grassroots club

- Have links at their relevant uni or club and an alternative ‘home’ club

- Be active on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

- Be aged between 17-30.

We are now accepting applications for the coming 2013/14 season. All you have to do is email us at and answer the following questions. Applications must be in before the final whistle on 23rd September 2013.


- Personal Info - Name, Age, Position, location

- Why do you want to be a dumpTackle ambassador?

- How much is rugby a part of your life?

- Where do you study?

- Which teams do you play for?

- Please provide links to your social profiles (Twitter and Facebook)


Join the team. Spread the word.